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Anywhere in Lake Erie or its tributaries when IN SEASON and legal to fish. This includes Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Canadian waters. When the Canadian side of the Lake is open you can fish it, along with the Canadian side of Lake St. Clair.

Each event will pay out 95% of the entries collected to the anglers. The 5% will go to the championship pot for the season ending championship. Along with the entries, we will also be paying out any leftover sponsor cash (after expenses) at the championship!

Absolutely! You can buy into one event a season if you can’t make one tournament to get the minimum 4 events in to be eligible for the championship. Just remember that money will be paid out to that tournaments top 5.

Teams must fish a minimum of (3) qualifier tournaments to be eligible into the Championship.  Teams may buy-in (1) tournament.

When you register you team, you will register 2 anglers and 1 alternate for the season. You may only use one alternate for the season but either main teammate can be the boater for that day.

We are serious about fish care, which is why we will be handing out Barbs fish kits to every angler on our own dime. Due to being serious about the care of the fish, we have raised the penalty to 1lb per dead fish, and will be strict. A dead fish is determined by the tournament director as any fish that is dead OR that is unable to swim away but breathing. The goal is to ensure that we have as little dead fish as possible while keeping a traditional weigh in process. This means you need to fizz deeper fish ASAP after catching them, ensure you are treating your livewell, ensure your livewell remains full, and try not to beat them up on the way in! If you don’t, it will be 1lb per fish!

We will take all entries and enter them into a random number generator the night before the tournament and post them to our Facebook page. We will also have them at morning check in for anyone not on Facebook.

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